175: Sunday Brunch

We asked you one simple question: If you were going to make a mix for someone you just met to show him or her what kind of music you were in to during college, what song would lead it off? This all-request episode of Sunday Brunch provides the answers. To no surprise, there are some college-rock staples on here, like Throwing Muses, Yo La Tengo, Devo, Beck, Soul Asylum, Descendents, The English Beat, and The Flaming Lips. You guys also doubled-down on The Replacements (pictured), Guided By Voices, R.E.M., X, and Hüsker Dü. While some of you obviously spent your college days dressed in black, others were punk as fuck. Oddly enough, no one volunteered the Pixies or The Smiths. Go figure! This is a fun mix — dig in!


  1. The Replacements — I Will Dare (live at Grant Park, Chicago, 7/4/91) (Matt)
  2. Throwing Muses — Devil’s Roof (Iain)
  3. R.E.M. — Crazy (Nancy)
  4. The Three O’Clock — Jet Figthter (Greg)
  5. Yo La Tengo — From A Motel 6 (John)
  6. Sloan — G Turns To D (Zac)
  7. The Lords Of The New Church — Murder Style (Cindy)
  8. X — Blue Spark (Scott)
  9. Husker Du — New Day Rising (Dave)
  10. Wire — Eardrum Buzz (Chris)
  11. Skinny Puppy — God’s Gift (Bret)
  12. The Sisters Of Mercy — A Rock And A Hard Place (Tim)
  13. KMFDM — Sex On The Flag (Chris)
  14. Beck — Soul Suckin Jerk (Paul)
  15. Devo — Uncontrollable Urge (Jeff)
  16. Descendents — Cheer (Jason)
  17. Inspiral Carpets — Joe (Craig)
  18. Kitchens Of Distinction — Prize (Shane)
  19. The English Beat — Save It For Later (Jim)
  20. Thomas Dolby — Dissidents (Jane)
  21. Dead Kennedys — Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Scott)
  22. Bad Brains — Big Take Over (Frank)
  23. Cro-Mags — World Peace (John)
  24. Minor Threat — Salad Days (Larry)
  25. Sugar — A Good Idea (Mark)
  26. Superchunk — Slack Motherfucker (Kerry)
  27. Fugazi — Target (Tim)
  28. Meat Puppets — Look At The Rain (Greg)
  29. Husker Du — Flip Your Wig (Greg)
  30. Guided By Voices — Hardcore UFO’s (Kimberly)
  31. Guided By Voices — I Am A Scientist (Fauxtek)
  32. Elliott Smith — No Name #3 (Matt)
  33. R.E.M. — Talk About The Passion (Glory)
  34. Green On Red — Gravity Talks (Scott)
  35. Dinosaur Jr. — The Wagon (Blayne)
  36. Soul Asylum — Sometime To Return (Matt)
  37. The Flaming Lips — Unplugged (Bill)
  38. X — Los Angeles (Jeff)
  39. The Replacements — Left Of The Dial (Michael & Sean)

* Name of person making request follows each song