191: Title Tracks

Title Tracks is just that: a compilation of songs that albums were named after. “Everything Falls Apart”, anyone? “Computer World”? “Pink Flag”? All albums named after a song included on them. We’ll hear these title tracks from Husker Du, Kraftwerk, and Wire, respectively, plus cuts from Oingo Boingo, The Feelies (pictured), Dag Nasty, Love And Rockets, Blur, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Chrome, Klaus Nomi, and others.


  1. Husker Du — Everything Falls Apart
  2. Dag Nasty — Field Day
  3. Social Distortion — Prison Bound
  4. Simple Minds — Life In A Day
  5. Kraftwerk — Computer World
  6. Klaus Nomi — Simple Man
  7. Love And Rockets — Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven
  8. Blur — Parklife
  9. Wire — Pink Flag
  10. Death Ride ’69 — Elvis Christ
  11. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry — Talk About The Weather
  12. Chrome — Raining Milk
  13. Oingo Boingo — Only A Lad
  14. The Feelies — Crazy Rhythms
  15. Violent Femmes — Hallowed Ground