204: Speechless

Speechless is our ode to instrumental music. On this rather stellar episode we’ll hear from a smattering of indie rock acts (The Sea and Cake [pictured], 18th Dye, Yo La Tengo, Lisa Germano, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) mixed with post-punk bands (Tones on Tail, The Cure, Marie Et Les Garcons, Tuxedomoon, This Heat) and some more straightforward r’n’r groups (The Raybeats, The Sid Presley Experience, The Nomads, The Soft Boys).


  1. The Cure — Another Journey By Train
  2. Mofungo — Brazil’s Long List Of Shame
  3. The Sea And Cake — Earth Star
  4. The Sid Presley Experience — Firewater
  5. The Nomads — Rat Fink A Boo-Boo
  6. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion — Greyhound
  7. This Heat — Horizontal Hold
  8. 18th Dye — Glass House Failure
  9. Lisa Germano — Phantom Love
  10. Tuxedomoon — Fifth Column
  11. Tones On Tail — You, The Night, and The Music
  12. Marie Et Les Garcons — P 4 No 2
  13. The Raybeats — B-Gas-Rickshaw
  14. The Soft Boys — You’ll Have To Go Sideways
  15. Beat Temptation — Fuzztone Mama
  16. The Tourists — From The Middle Room
  17. Yo La Tengo — I Heard You Looking