210: Lost Highway

Lost Highway is our show that explores the influence of roots rock, country, and Americana on the 1980s and early ’90s underground rock scene. On this episode we’ll hear from Dave Alvin (pictured), who penned the mighty “4th of July”, The Long Ryders, Roky Erickson, The Beat Farmers, Rank And File, Social D, Mule, Lone Justice, Green on Red, Blue Rodeo, Scud Mountain Boys, Mekons, Uncle Tupelo, The Walkabouts w/Mark Lanegan covering Charlie Rich, and several more.


  1. Dave Alvin — Fourth Of July
  2. The Long Ryders — Run Dusty Run
  3. Rank And File — Sundown
  4. Mule — Now I Truly Understand
  5. Social Distortion — Like An Outlaw (For You)
  6. Blue Rodeo — Outskirts
  7. Scud Mountain Boys — There Is No Hell (Like the Hell on This Earth)
  8. The Beat Farmers — Glad ‘N’ Greasy
  9. Mekons — Last Dance
  10. Inca Babies — Thirst
  11. The Walkabouts (with Mark Lanegan) — Feel Like Going Home
  12. Green On Red — Easy Way Out
  13. Lone Justice — Ways To Be Wicked
  14. Meat Puppets — Magic Toy Missing
  15. Camper Van Beethoven — When I Win The Lottery
  16. Roky Erickson — For You (I’d Do Anything)
  17. Uncle Tupelo — Flatness