229: Through Being Cool

Through Being Cool is all about the New Wave. We mine the late ’70s and early ’80s for classic cuts from the underground, some of which poked their little heads above ground for a bit of fresh air. On this episode, we’ll spend some time with the Boomtown Rats (pictured), Elvis Costello, the Puppies, Classix Nouveaux, China Crisis, The Bongos, Wall of Voodoo, Student Teachers, The Toasters, The Drongos, Dub 7, Scott Goddard, Holly and the Italians, The Jetzons, Cowboys International, and many more.


  1. Graduate — Elvis Should Play Ska
  2. Elvis Costello — The Beat
  3. China Crisis — Working With Fire And Steel
  4. Puppies — Atmosphere
  5. The Jumpers — Hello Girl
  6. Alisa — I Love An Ape
  7. Student Teachers — What I Can’t Feel
  8. Holly And The Italians — Youth Coup
  9. The Boomtown Rats — She’s So Modern
  10. Dub 7 — Gravel Groove
  11. The Jetzons — You
  12. Vivabeat — From The Bop
  13. The Bongos — Automatic Doors
  14. Code Blue — Modern Times
  15. Scott Goddard — Your Fool
  16. Classix Nouveaux — Guilty
  17. The Toasters — Teenage Tease
  18. Cowboys International — Thrash
  19. Wall Of Voodoo — Lost Weekend
  20. The Drongos — Ghost Ship