233: Let’s Kiss & Make Up

Here’s a healthy dose of jangle pop with a dash of twee from Sloan (pictured), The Hummingbirds, The Beautiful South, Small Factory, Even As We Speak, Josef K, Aztec Camera, Look Blue Go Purple, Beat Happening, The Loft, The Go-Betweens, and lesser-known groups like Jr. Chemists, The Lighthouse Keepers, Hearts on Fire, Yeah Jazz, and Big View.


  1. The Hummingbirds — Barbarian
  2. Big View — August Grass
  3. Aztec Camera — The Boy Wonders
  4. Look Blue Go Purple — I Don’t Want You Anyway
  5. Josef K — Pictures (Of Cindy)
  6. Sloan — Snowsuit Sound
  7. The Jazz Butcher — The Word I Was Looking For
  8. The Lighthouse Keepers — Lip Snipe Groin
  9. Yeah Jazz — Heaven
  10. Small Factory — I’m Not Giving Up
  11. Beat Happening — Foggy Eyes (live at KAOS, March 1984)
  12. Jr. Chemists — Bizzy Worms
  13. Hearts On Fire — Love On Trial
  14. The Loft — Up The Hill And Down The Slope
  15. Jean-Paul Sartre Experience — Elemental
  16. Echo & The Bunnymen — The Game
  17. The Beautiful South — You Keep It All In
  18. The Go-Betweens — That Way
  19. Even As We Speak — Bizarre Love Triangle