242: Left Of The Dial

“Left of the Dial” is our tribute to college rock’s heyday in America in the mid to late ’80s. We’ll explore locales like Boston, Minneapolis, Athens, and San Francisco to dig up some jangly, noisy, tuneful rock and roll. On this episode we’ll hear from The Connells (pictured), Eleventh Dream Day, Yo La Tengo, R.E.M., Camper Van Beethoven, Husker Du, Gaudalcanal Diary, Big Dipper, The Dream Syndicate, The Feelies, and some groups who have been lost-to-time, like The Junk Monkeys, The Dangtrippers, The Magnolias, Winter Hours, and Naiomi’s Hair.


  1. The Connells — Stone Cold Yesterday
  2. Camper Van Beethoven — My Path Belated
  3. Yo La Tengo — Lewis
  4. The Dangtrippers — Masquerade
  5. Winter Hours — We Can Only Win
  6. Sidewinders — Witchdoctor
  7. The Junk Monkeys — I Couldn’t Smile
  8. Naiomi’s Hair — Tilt-A-Whirl
  9. Husker Du — Standing In The Rain
  10. The Prime Movers — Change For The Better
  11. Waxing Poetics — Beauty And The Beatitudes
  12. Daddy In His Deep Sleep — Life You Lead
  13. R.E.M. — Welcome To The Occupation
  14. Big Dipper — The Bells of Love
  15. The Lucy Show — Land And The Life
  16. The Dream Syndicate — Slide Away
  17. Eleventh Dream Day — Bagdad’s Last Ride
  18. The Magnolias — East Coast, West Coast Girl
  19. Guadalcanal Diary — Get Over It
  20. The Feelies — Away