255: Gimme Indie Rock!

This episode of Gimme Indie Rock is noisier, angrier, & rowdier than usual. That’s in part to honor Doug Evans, bassist for the Didjits, who recently died. But also, fuck it, I’ve been in a bad mood and feeling fidgety for the past few months. Maybe blaring this episode will help shake off some of the ugggggghhhh that’s been smothering me of late. Anyway, featured herein are the Didjits, U.S. Maple (pictured), Live Skull, Soundgarden, Karate, New Radiant Storm King, Drive Like Jehu, Codeine, Distorted Pony, The Jesus Lizard, Come, and much more.


  1. Didjits — Sweet Sweet Satan
  2. Karate — trophy
  3. Come — Off To One Side
  4. The Jesus Lizard — Then Comes Dudley
  5. Drive Like Jehu — Do You Compute
  6. Jawbox — Paint Out The Light
  7. Distorted Pony — Go Kart
  8. Sonic Youth — Star Power
  9. Codeine — Vacancy
  10. Live Skull — Slugfest
  11. Soundgarden — Ugly Truth
  12. U.S. Maple — Letter To ZZ Top
  13. Pitchblende — Karoshi
  14. New Radiant Storm King — Oil An Impatient Fuck
  15. June Of 44 — Mooch