263: Dreammmy

“Dreammmy” is an ethereal, psychedelic set with the occasional subtle boom. A little bit dream pop, a little bit Paisley Underground, a little bit atmospheric post-punk. This episode features The Church (pictured), The House of Love, Opal, Clan of Xymox, Rain Parade, Colin Newman, Ultra Vivid Scene, Outrageous Cherry, The Comsat Angels, and more.


  1. Colin Newman — Lorries
  2. Jean-Paul Sartre Experience — Shadows
  3. Clan Of Xymox — Equal Ways
  4. The Church — Is This Where You Live
  5. The Comsat Angels — Another World
  6. For Against — Daylight
  7. Opal — Grains Of Sand
  8. Cowboy Junkies — Sweet Jane
  9. Cocteau Twins — Lorelei
  10. The House Of Love — Pink Frost
  11. Outrageous Cherry — West
  12. Rain Parade — Look At Merri
  13. Ultra Vivid Scene — Poison