268: Through Being Cool

Through Being Cool is all about the New Wave. We mine the late ’70s and early ’80s for classic cuts from the underground, some of which poked their little heads above ground for a bit of fresh air. On this episode, we’ll spend some time with XTC (pictured), Romeo Void, The A’s, Divinyls, Oingo Boingo, Models, The Elvis Brothers, Simple Minds, Thompson Twins, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Fischer-Z, Bill Nelson, Flamin’ Oh’s, and plenty more.


  1. XTC — When You’re Near Me I Have Difficulty
  2. The A’s — Words
  3. Models — Two Cabs To The Toucan
  4. Romeo Void — Never Say Never
  5. Squeeze — Slap & Tickle
  6. Yellow Magic Orchestra — Citizens Of Science
  7. Thompson Twins — Make Believe
  8. The Police — Truth Hits Everybody
  9. Divinyls — Siren Song
  10. Flamin’ Oh’s — I’m A Medical Mess (With Only Six Weeks Left)
  11. XL Capris — Hi Rise Heart
  12. Wazmo Nariz — Luncheonette Lovers
  13. The Judy’s — Radiation Squirm
  14. Oingo Boingo — Private Life
  15. Alternative TV — There Goes My Date With Doug
  16. The Elvis Brothers — It’s So Hard
  17. Z-Rocks — You Know My Name
  18. Fischer-Z — Wax Dolls
  19. Bill Nelson — Eros Arriving
  20. Simple Minds — Promised You A Miracle