285: Lost Highway

Lost Highway is our show that explores the influence of roots rock, country, folk, and Americana on the 1980s and early ’90s underground rock scene. On this episode we’ll hear from Jason and the Scorchers (pictured), Yo La Tengo, The Silos, Young Fresh Fellows, Alex Chilton, The Pogues, The Rave-Ups, Mule, Zeitgeist, True West, Camper Van Beethoven, Opal, Billy Hancock, the Meat Puppets, and much more.


  1. Jason & The Scorchers — Harvest Moon
  2. The Pogues — Boys From The County Hell
  3. Alex Chilton — Waltz Across Texas
  4. Young Fresh Fellows — Two Brothers
  5. Mekons — Poxy Lips
  6. Mule — A Hundred Years
  7. Opal — My Only Friend
  8. Greg Sage — On The Run
  9. Zeitgeist — Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
  10. Divine Weeks — On A Soapbox
  11. The Screaming Blue Messiahs — 55 – The Law
  12. The Rave-Ups — Positively Lost Me
  13. Camper Van Beethoven — Sad Lovers Waltz
  14. True West — Ain’t No Hangman
  15. Yo La Tengo — Don’t Say A Word (Hot Chicken #2)
  16. Meat Puppets — Lost
  17. Billy Hancock — I Can’t Be Satisfied
  18. The Silos — Change The Locks