35: Footnotes

This rockin’ episode highlights some truly obscure or largely forgotten bands like The Swimming Pool Q’s (pictured; Atlanta, GA), The Kopterz (Portland, ME), The Trilobites (Sydney, Australia), Children’s Hour (New Zealand), Wet Picnic (Los Angeles, CA), V-Effect (NYC), Olympic Sideburns (Melbourne, Australia), The Symptoms (San Francisco, CA), Primitons (Birmingham, AL), Weird Summer (Champaign, IL), The Tapes (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Pinpoint (London, England), The Dishrags (Vancouver, BC), Cosmetics (Austria), The Hollowmen (Melbourne, Australia), and Suburban Wives Club (Philadelphia, PA). Indulge me for an hour as I dig deep.


  1. Olympic Sideburns — 13th Floor
  2. Suburban Wives Club — Casual Cat At A Laundromat
  3. V-Effect — A Tree Grows In Managua
  4. Wet Picnic — Cocktailed Sky
  5. Primitons — Seeing Is Believing
  6. The Zippers — He’s A Rebel
  7. The Hollowmen — Human Wreck
  8. The Symptoms — Simple Sabotage
  9. Lonely Moans — Lots ‘O Life
  10. Pinpoint — Richmond
  11. Children’s Hour — Go Slow
  12. Cosmetics — Mind Pollution
  13. The Tapes — LG/DG
  14. The Swimming Pool Q’s — Black Bug
  15. The Dishrags — Tormented
  16. The Trilobites — Tall Poppies
  17. The Oysters — Tell Me
  18. Weird Summer — So Little Time
  19. The Kopterz — So Cold Outside