53: Building Blocks—Pixies

On this episode of Building Blocks, we examine the influence of the Pixies (pictured above) on the early ’90s. To say Kim, David, Joey, and Francis made an undeniable impact on a huge swath of “indie rock” as we now know it is an understatement. They made it fucking fashionable to ROCK with GUITARS once again. I use the song “Dead”, from the album Doolittle, as a jumping off point in exploring bands who favored the Pixies’ brand of weirdo lead guitar stylings; distorted, wall-of-noise encrusted melodies; propulsive low-ends; scream-till-you’re-hoarse vocal fragments; and loud-soft dynamics.


  1. Pixies — Dead
  2. PJ Harvey — Joe
  3. 3Ds — Evil Kid
  4. Jawbox — Static
  5. Blonde Redhead — Violent Life
  6. Belly — Dusted
  7. The Boo Radleys — Towards The Light
  8. Superchunk — Punch Me Harder
  9. Poster Children — Everything Burns
  10. Brainiac — Hot Metal Dobermans
  11. Th’ Faith Healers — Heart Fog
  12. Sugar — JC Auto
  13. Rollerskate Skinny — Bring On Stigmata
  14. Polvo — Can I Ride
  15. Come — William
  16. Built To Spill — The Source
  17. Jale — Emma
  18. Chavez — Nailed To The Blank Spot

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