Tune In

Listening to a Little Records podcast is as easy as screaming “1-2-X-U”. Each podcast entry on this site includes an embedded Mixcloud media player that looks just like this:


Just push play on the media player and adjust the volume on your speakers. You can fast-forward in the podcast using the scroll bar in the media player, but beware: if you are in the States, you can’t rewind — you can only go forward. Above the scroll bar in the media player, you’ll see the Song Title and Artist for the song that is currently playing. (We also post complete playlists on each podcast page for easy reference.)

In addition to using the media player on this site, you can also listen via Mixcloud’s website, where you can join (for free) and sign up for e-mail notifications so you know when we post a new podcast. If you’re listening on a phone/tablet, it may be worthwhile to try these options:

If you’re having an issue getting our podcasts to play, there’s no need for you to be “seeing red” and “screaming at a wall”. Drop us a line via the contact form and we’ll see if we can troubleshoot your issue.