144: SYNTHS!

Our latest tribute to the role of synthesizers in the early post-punk, new wave, and New Romantic scenes includes cuts from Soft Cell, Brian Eno (pictured), The The, Aerial FX, Public Image Ltd., Wall of Voodoo, Fad Gadget, Anne Clark, Pete Shelley, and Yellow Magic Orchestra. Plus, we’ll dig deep for some rarities by P1/E, Ash Wednesday, Space Art, President President, and Radio Alarm Clocks.


  1. Soft Cell — Bedsitter
  2. Public Image Ltd. — Socialist
  3. Yellow Magic Orchestra — Nice Age
  4. Ash Wednesday — Love By Numbers
  5. Anne Clark — True Love Tales
  6. Pete Shelley — I Generate A Feeling
  7. Radio Alarm Clocks — Synthetic Weekend
  8. Wall Of Voodoo — The Passenger
  9. Yello — No More Roger
  10. Brian Eno — Spider And I
  11. President President — All Good Men
  12. The The — Giant
  13. Fad Gadget — Pedestrian
  14. Space Art — Speedway
  15. P1/E — 49 Second Romance
  16. Aerial FX — It’s About Time