184: Just Making Noise!!!

A tribute to the noisier side of the college/underground rock scene in the USA in the mid- to late-’80s (think: Homestead Records & “Forced Exposure” magazine w/a few friendlier faces tossed in). This episode features Big Black (that’s a young Steve Albini pictured above), Dag Nasty, Pixies, Steel Pole Bath Tub, Squirrel Bait, Death of Samantha, Butthole Surfers, Naked Raygun, My Dad Is Dead, The Flaming Lips, Eleventh Dream Day, UT, Green River, and lots more.


  1. Big Black — Kerosene
  2. Scrawl — Slut
  3. Death Of Samantha — Machine Language
  4. Slow — Against The Glass
  5. Jane’s Addiction — Had A Dad
  6. Eleventh Dream Day — Awake I Lie
  7. Naked Raygun — Mr. Gridlock
  8. Steel Pole Bath Tub — Time To Die
  9. Green River — Baby Takes
  10. Squirrel Bait — Too Close To The Fire
  11. My Dad Is Dead — Anti-Socialist 2
  12. Dag Nasty — Never Go Back
  13. Pixies — Bone Machine
  14. Alice Donut — Tipper Gore
  15. Great Plains — Authentic
  16. UT — Mosquitto Botticelli
  17. The Flaming Lips — Maximum Dream For Evil Knievel
  18. Butthole Surfers — Something