219: Theme Songs

Theme Songs. Folks, we’re not talking Disney and spy movies here. You know we like doing thematic mixes — well, what’s more thematic than a mix of songs titled after the band that is performing them? A song used as a signature?? A song presented as personal anthem??? These sort of songs were almost a dime a dozen in the world of hardcore punk. See, Minor Threat’s “Minor Threat”, for example. Or Talk Talk’s “Talk Talk” if you want to go in a 180-degree direction. You get the point. If not, maybe you should stick around for Youth of Today’s song “Youth of Today”. =) We’ll also hear from Public Image Ltd., JFA (Jodie Foster’s Army), Flat Duo Jets, The Soft Boys, Bad Religion, The Jazz Butcher, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Dalis Car, Visage, Talulah Gosh, Young Fresh Fellows, Velvet Monkeys, Slowdive, Descendents, The Disco Zombies, and many more.


  1. The Soft Boys — Give It To The Soft Boys
  2. Youth Of Today — Youth Of Today
  3. Teen Idles — Teen Idles
  4. Velvet Monkeys — Velvet Monkeys (Theme Song)
  5. Talulah Gosh — Talulah Gosh
  6. Talk Talk — Talk Talk
  7. Slowdive — Slowdive
  8. Dalis Car — Dalis Car
  9. They Might Be Giants — They Might Be Giants
  10. Descendents — Descendents
  11. JFA — JFA
  12. Flat Duo Jets — Flat Duo Jets Anthem
  13. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion — Blues X Man
  14. The Disco Zombies — Disco Zombies
  15. 45 Grave — 45 Grave
  16. Visage — Visage
  17. The Monochrome Set — The Monochrome Set (I Presume)
  18. Young Fresh Fellows — Young Fresh Fellows Theme
  19. Bad Religion — Bad Religion
  20. Gray Matter — Gray Matter
  21. Public Image Ltd. — Public Image
  22. The Jazz Butcher — Jazz Butcher Theme
  23. The Beatnik Flies — Beatnik Fly Theme