247: Moody Fuckers

The day after the election. If you’re like me, you’re processing things. I’d like to say I’m remaining hopeful, but mostly I’m just alternating between being pissed off and really sad. So it’s an apt time for a new episode of Moody Fuckers. This one features lots of angry doom and gloom from Joy Division (pictured), My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Swans, Black Flag, Savage Republic, Fear, PiL, Ministry, Killing Joke, Big Black, Front 242, the Wipers, and lots more.


  1. Public Image Ltd. — The Order Of Death
  2. Ministry — N.W.O.
  3. Joy Division — Leaders Of Men
  4. Big Black — The Ugly American
  5. Killing Joke — Wardance
  6. Fear — Let’s Have A War
  7. Savage Republic — Procession
  8. Front 242 — Gripped By Fear
  9. Fugazi — Blueprint
  10. Wipers — Youth Of America
  11. Circle Jerks — Moral Majority
  12. Black Flag — White Minority
  13. The Appliances — Neo-Fascist
  14. Alien Sex Fiend — New Christian Music
  15. Swans — God Loves America
  16. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult — Do You Fear (For Your Child)