250: Just Making Noise!!!

A tribute to the noisier side of the underground rock scene in the late ’80s to early ’90s (think: Homestead, Touch & Go, AmRep, & “Forced Exposure” magazine w/a few friendlier faces tossed in). This one is a tad noisier than usual and features the Boredoms (pictured), the Didjits, Mudhoney, Rocket From The Crypt, Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, Breaking Circus, My Dad Is Dead, Thinking Fellers Union, A.C. Temple, Rodan, the Cows, and more.


  1. Mudhoney — When Tomorrow Hits
  2. Didjits — Killboy Powerhead
  3. Cows — Everybody
  4. Band Of Susans — You Were An Optimist
  5. My Dad Is Dead — For Lack Of A Better Word
  6. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 — Keeps Repeating
  7. U-Men — Freezebomb
  8. Rocket From The Crypt — Basturds
  9. Unrest — Shag
  10. Sonic Youth — ‘Cross The Breeze
  11. Butthole Surfers — Ricky
  12. Boredoms — Molecicco
  13. Tad — Pork Chop
  14. Breaking Circus — Song Of The South
  15. A.C. Temple — Sheikh
  16. Rodan — The Everyday World Of Bodies