265: Moody Fuckers

I’ve got your Moody Fuckers right here:

“There’s a gaping hole in the way we are / With nothing to fill it up anymore / No flesh no blood, just broken bones / A frame to hang our lives from / We’re living like Skeletons”
— Adrian Borland (pictured), The Sound

We’ll also hear from Slint, Alien Sex Fiend, The Chameleons, This Mortal Coil, Depeche Mode, Inca Babies, Crispy Ambulance, Anne Clark, The Sisters of Mercy, and lots more.


  1. Slint — Charlotte
  2. Alien Sex Fiend — I Am A Product
  3. The Sisters Of Mercy — Body Electric
  4. Tones On Tail — Movement Of Fear
  5. Sonic Youth — Pipeline / Kill Time
  6. This Mortal Coil — Holocaust
  7. Depeche Mode — The Sun And The Rainfall
  8. Anne Clark — Our Darkness
  9. Talk Talk — The Rainbow
  10. Crispy Ambulance — Federation
  11. Inca Babies — Big Cyprus
  12. The Sound — Skeletons
  13. The Chameleons — Soul In Isolation
  14. The Cure — The Exploding Boy