276: Sunday Brunch

By now you’ve probably figured out that Little Records is the antidote to Richard Blade. We play deep cuts and obscure artists and we don’t mind mixing and matching our subgenres. This episode of Sunday Brunch is probably a little more erratic and denser than usual, but that’s the way my past week felt — and a good DJ is nothing if not a reflection of his or her own life. So you get R-rated Grace Jones (pictured) calling it as she sees it; you get The Frogs being, well, The Frogs; you get Lou Barlow alone, in his bedroom, playing an acoustic guitar; you get Rain Parade sounding moody as fuck; you get The Replacements in concert ripping through a late ’80s song but with early ’80s enthusiasm; you get a reminder that Simple Minds really didn’t sound so simple at first; and you get a love song from Lucinda Williams. Enjoy, I hope.


  1. Grace Jones — Bullshit
  2. James — You Can’t Tell How Much Suffering (On A Face That’s Always Smiling)
  3. The Charlatans — The End Of Everything
  4. Chris & Cosey — Bust Stop
  5. Simple Minds — Factory
  6. Talking Heads — Houses In Motion
  7. The The — Good Morning Beautiful
  8. Chris Knox — Dunno Much About Life … But I Know How To Breathe
  9. Pavement — Debris Slide
  10. Pere Ubu — Street Waves
  11. Green River — Rehab Doll
  12. Run Westy Run — She Rose
  13. The Flaming Lips — Lucifer Rising
  14. The Frogs — I Don’t Care It U Disrespect Me (Just So You Love Me)
  15. The Homosexuals — Soft South Africans (Slow)
  16. The Soft Boys — Wading Through Your Ventilator
  17. The Godfathers — Cold Turkey
  18. The Dylans — She Drops Bombs
  19. The Edsel Auctioneer — Our New Skin
  20. Lemonheads — Rudderless
  21. Sebadoh — Truly Great Thing
  22. Codeine — Realize
  23. Silkworm — Grotto Of Miracles
  24. David Kilgour — Another Echo Downer
  25. Rain Parade — Broken Horse
  26. Red House Painters — Summer Dress
  27. Ride — Kaleidoscope
  28. Screaming Trees — Walk Through To This Side
  29. Sleepyhead — Riff Test
  30. Yo La Tengo — A Worrying Thing
  31. American Music Club — Somewhere
  32. The Replacements — Anywhere Is Better Than Here (live at The Beacham Theater, 04/18/89)
  33. The Saints — Tomorrow
  34. Lucinda Williams — I Just Wanted To See You So Bad
  35. The Reivers — End Of The Day