301: Back To Basics

Hello — long time no see! I honestly didn’t think I would be inspired to create another podcast, but after a 3-month break, I’m giving this the old college try again. (No promises though.) Upon going back and listening to old episodes during my hiatus, I realized I had never spun one of my favorite songs in a Little Records podcast, Billy Bragg’s “A New England” (which happens to hold a lot of meaning for me). And that’s just silly. It needed to be rectified, stat. This episode is basically a “Sunday Brunch”, but since I’m starting over and it’s Wednesday, not Sunday, we’ll call it something different. To borrow from Bragg a bit more, “Back To Basics” makes sense as a title for this one. It’s where I hope I’m headed. Maybe I’ll see you along the way.


  1. Billy Bragg — A New England
  2. Tommy Keene — As Life Goes By
  3. Husker Du — Green Eyes
  4. Inspiral Carpets — This Is How It Feels
  5. The Auteurs — Life Classes/Life Model
  6. Blur — Clover Over Dover
  7. My Bloody Valentine — Don’t Ask Why
  8. The Church — Almost With You
  9. The Beat — Different Kind Of Girl
  10. The Elvis Brothers — Hidden In A Heartbeat
  11. Dexys Midnight Runners — Seven Days Is Too Long
  12. Elvis Costello & The Attractions — The Imposter
  13. The English Beat — Two Swords
  14. Talulah Gosh — Steaming Train
  15. The Wedding Present — What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?
  16. The Windbreakers — Can’t Go On This Way
  17. Television Personalities — The Glittering Prizes
  18. Boyracer — A Friend For Life
  19. The Boo Radleys — Wish I Was Skinny
  20. Teenage Fanclub — Song To The Cynic
  21. Swervedriver — Duel
  22. Eric’s Trip — Behind The Garage
  23. Sebadoh — Soul And Fire
  24. Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians — Vibrating
  25. Red House Painters — Mistress
  26. Luna — Slide
  27. Rain Parade — You Are My Friend
  28. The Smithereens — Strangers When We Meet
  29. R.E.M. — Sitting Still
  30. The Real Kids — Common At Noon
  31. Pixies — Dig For Fire
  32. New Order — Dreams Never End
  33. The Magnetic Fields — Take Ecstatsy With Me
  34. Spandau Ballet — The Freeze
  35. Stereolab — Transona Five
  36. Spacemen 3 — Honey
  37. Slowdive — 40 Days
  38. The Smiths — Asleep