326: Moody Fuckers

Sometimes we’re sad. And when we’re sad, we turn in to moody fuckers. On this podcast, we spin the gloomy songs that depress the hell out of us. We’ll hear from Kate Bush (pictured), Xmal Deutschland, Death In June, The Cure, Camouflage, Bauhaus, The Danse Society, Depeche Mode, Deception Bay, and others.


1. Xmal Deutschland — Boomerang
2. Death In June — She Said Destroy
3. Dark Day — No, Nothing, Never
4. Kate Bush — Cloudbusting
5. Kommunity FK — Unknown To You
6. Deception Bay — Hook This Chain
7. Depeche Mode — World In My Eyes
8. Camouflage — Winner Takes Nothing
9. The Sisters Of Mercy — Alice
10. Bauhaus — Silent Hedges
11. The Cure — End
12. The Danse Society — Falling Apart
13. End Of Data — Dans Votre Monde