One hour dedicated to the early days of synthesizers in post-punk and new wave. We’ll hear from the Godfathers of Electronic Pop Music, Kraftwerk (pictured), as well as prominent bands like Ministry, Ultravox, and Blancmange. Plus, Robert Smith’s brief side-project, The Glove. But we’re also digging deep on this episode for obscure cuts from Absolute Body Control, Bal Paré, Ghostwriters, The Passage, A Blaze Colour, and Futurisk.


  1. Kraftwerk — Home Computer
  2. The Glove — Like An Animal
  3. A Blaze Colour — Cold As Ever
  4. Colin Potter — I Like Your Elbows
  5. Ghostwriters — Fix It In The Mix
  6. Eyeless In Gaza — The Eyes of Beautiful Losers
  7. The Danse Society — Danse / Move
  8. Ultravox — Mr. X
  9. Bal Pare ­— Palais d’Amour
  10. Chris & Cosey — Bust Stop
  11. The Passage — Drugface
  12. Futurisk — What We Have To Have
  13. Blancmange — Overspreading Art Genius
  14. Ministry — She’s Got A Cause
  15. Absolute Body Control — Weaving Hands