45: Sub Pop Singles Club

One of the more genius moves for Sub Pop in its early days was the creation of the Sub Pop Singles Club, in which subscribers received a new, limited-edition seven-inch once a month via the postal service. The Singles Club, which began in November 1988 with a pressing of Nirvana’s first single, “Love Buzz”, helped Sub Pop market itself as a national brand, a label whose reach extended far beyond the fledgling grunge scene in Seattle that it had become closely associated with thanks to a series of cassette compilations and releases by Green River and Soundgarden. Over the first year-and-change of the Singles Club, Sub Pop released seven-inches by bands from NYC, Chicago, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, and Washington DC, helping to break artists like The Flaming Lips, Fugazi, The Afghan Whigs, and Rapeman. This covers-heavy set includes every song, presented in chronological order, released as part of the first 14 entries (Nov. ’88 through Dec. ’89) in the Sub Pop Singles Club.


  1. Nirvana — Love Buzz
  2. Nirvana — Big Cheese
  3. Sonic Youth — Touch Me I’m Sick
  4. Mudhoney — Halloween
  5. The Flaming Lips — Drug Machine
  6. The Flaming Lips — Strychnine / … Peace, Love & Understanding
  7. Les Thugs — Chess & Crimes
  8. Les Thugs — Sunday Time
  9. Helios Creed — Nothing Wrong
  10. Helios Creed — The Sky
  11. The Afghan Whigs — I Am The Sticks
  12. The Afghan Whigs — White Trash Party
  13. Mad Daddys — Take Me Back To Woodstock
  14. Mad Daddys — Alligator Wine
  15. Tad — Damaged I
  16. Pussy Galore — Damaged II
  17. Das Damen — Sad Mile
  18. Das Damen — Making Time
  19. Rapeman — Inki’s Butt Crack
  20. Rapeman — Song Number One
  21. Lazy Cowgirls — Loretta
  22. Lazy Cowgirls — Hybrid Moments
  23. Lonely Moans — Shoot The Cool
  24. Lonely Moans — Texas Love Goat
  25. The Honeymoon Killers — Get It Hot
  26. The Honeymoon Killers — Gettin’ Hot
  27. Fugazi — Song #1
  28. Fugazi — Joe #1 / Break-In