7: Can’t Be Funky

How did post-punk get so funky? On this episode I examine the impact of soul, R&B, roots/reggae/dub, disco, and funk on a large number of post-punk (& new wave & no-wave) bands in the late ’70s and early ’80s on both sides of the pond. In the U.S., the Talking Heads led the charge and were accompanied by Big Boys, Bush Tetras (pictured), The Contortions, Richard Hell, Minutemen, and many others. In the UK, pioneering punk and post-punk groups like The Clash and Wire were never shy about showcasing their admiration for funkier music. They were joined by The Slits, Orange Juice, XTC, and The Pop Group.


  1. Talking Heads — Found A Job
  2. Minutemen — Joe McCarthy’s Ghost
  3. Big Boys — We Got Soul
  4. Richard Hell & The Voidoids — Destiny Street
  5. Orange Juice — Wan Light
  6. Sic F*cks — (Take Me To) The Bridge
  7. The Contortions — Design To Kill
  8. The Clash — The Guns Of Brixton
  9. The Slits — Shoplifting
  10. The Pop Group — Feed The Hungry
  11. Bad Brains — Stay Close To Me
  12. Wire — Three Girl Rhumba
  13. XTC — Spinning Top
  14. Gang Of Four — It’s Her Factory
  15. Bow Wow Wow — I Want My Baby On Mars
  16. Hunters & Collectors — Drop Tank
  17. APB — Palace Filled With Love
  18. ESG — Moody
  19. Shriekback — My Spine (Is The Bassline)
  20. Bush Tetras — Can’t Be Funky