73: Just Making Noise!!!

A tribute to the noisier side of the college/underground rock scene in the USA. Our previous episode focused on 1983-86, and this time we fast forward to 1987-88. We’ll hear selections from several of the prominent labels of this time, like SST, Sub Pop, Homestead, and Touch & Go, featuring bands like Screaming Trees (pictured), Dinosaur Jr., Green River, Pussy Galore, Buffalo Tom, Faith No More, Killdozer, and Eleventh Dream Day. Plus, lots of groups who often escape memorialization, such as Poison Idea, Didjits, The Crucifucks, Bitch Magnet, The Honeymoon Killers, Death of Samantha, and Ed Hall. And, who can forget Happy Flowers’ epic “More Mittens”?!?


  1. Green River — Rehab Doll
  2. Bitch Magnet — C Word
  3. Pussy Galore — Fuck You, Man
  4. Killdozer — Cotton Bolls
  5. Faith No More — Chinese Arithmetic
  6. Ed Hall — Reading
  7. Buffalo Tom — Impossible
  8. The Honeymoon Killers — Smotherly Love
  9. Rapeman — Trouser Minnow
  10. Das Damen — Gray Isn’t Black
  11. Dinosaur Jr. — Budge
  12. Happy Flowers — More Mittens
  13. The Crucifucks — Pigs In A Blanket
  14. Screaming Trees — Don’t Look Down
  15. Bar-B-Q Killers — Sarcophag
  16. Dustdevils — Ordinary Madness
  17. U-Men — Solid Action
  18. Cows — Tourist
  19. Poison Idea — Getting The Idea
  20. Didjits — Joliet
  21. Death Of Samantha — Savior City
  22. Eleventh Dream Day — Coercion