One hour dedicated to the early days of synthesizers in post-punk and new wave. This episode features New Order, The Art of Noise, Tubeway Army, OMD, The Human League, Tones on Tail, and The Cure, plus more obscure cuts from Polyphonic Size, Severed Heads, Camera Obscura, Executive Slacks, The Quarks, and Those French Girls.


  1. Tubeway Army — Down In The Park
  2. Severed Heads — Umbrella
  3. New Order — Your Silent Face
  4. The Quarks — Mechanical
  5. The Human League — Being Boiled
  6. Executive Slacks — Cinema
  7. Tones On Tail — Lions
  8. The Art of Noise — Moments In Love
  9. The Cure — The Dream
  10. Camera Obscura — Village Of Stars
  11. Polyphonic Size — RDA/RFA
  12. Those French Girls — Sorry Sorry
  13. Necropolis Of Love — Talk
  14. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark — Almost