205: Singers Who Write Songs

This episode’s silly title doesn’t necessarily allude to a set full of singer-songwriteresque tunes; there’s some of that in here, but also just people who recorded under their own name. We’ll hear from Vic Chesnutt (pictured), Robyn Hitchcock, Aimee Mann, Paul Westerberg, Billy Bragg, Mary Lou Lord, Grants Hart and McLennan, Jonathan Richman, Arthur Russell, Bob Mould, Barbara Manning, Julian Cope, and a few others.


  1. Jonathan Richman — I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar
  2. Ed Kuepper — The Sixteen Days
  3. G. W. McLennan — One Million Miles From Here
  4. Matthew Sweet — Evangeline
  5. Vic Chesnutt — Degenerate
  6. Mary Lou Lord — Memories Of You
  7. Paul Westerberg — A Few Minutes Of Silence
  8. Barbara Manning With The San Francisco Seals — Day 12
  9. Julian Cope — Pristeen
  10. Arthur Russell — I Take This Time
  11. Grant Hart — The Main
  12. Bob Mould — Can’t Fight It
  13. Aimee Mann — I Should’ve Known
  14. Girly-Sound (Liz Phair) — South Dakota
  15. Robyn Hitchcock — Aquarium
  16. Billy Bragg — Greetings To The New Brunette