286: Moody Fuckers

On this episode of Moody Fuckers, we say goodbye to Chris Cornell (pictured), who passed away sometime this morning. The man had such a unique voice, especially in the early days of Soundgarden when he would caterwaul atop his band’s a-melodic grunge. We’ll also hear from Low, Ministry, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Japan, Nick Cave, Slint, and others.


  1. Soundgarden — Jesus Christ Pose
  2. Depeche Mode — Blue Dress
  3. Japan — Ghosts (alternate)
  4. The Cure — The Figurehead
  5. The Comsat Angels — Another World
  6. Slint — Washer
  7. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — The Ship Song
  8. Low — Turn
  9. Wire — On Returning
  10. Swans — Thank You
  11. Ministry — So What
  12. Soundgarden — Hands All Over